Singapore math program

In addition to traditional tests, there are other Singapore math program types of assessment that encourage students to actively participate in their studies. They help children determine what they have learned and what they have not learned, and what steps to take to do so. So, how do you get children to assess their own […]

Shsat tips

Six-year-old Billy watches as everything burns with fire on the monitor screen. “I set the earth on fire!” – he rejoices. Parents, perhaps, a little discouraged by his delight. But don’t let them worry – he plays MinecraftEdu. The Minecraft empire is constantly expanding. Now its pioneers have found an approach to teachers. From now […]

How to teach your child to read?

From what age to teach a child to read? There is no unanimous opinion. Some parents are convinced that a child should be taught to read at 4-5 years old. Others lower the bar to 2-3 years. Others insist that a child should not be “tortured” before school. They say that teaching reading is the […]

GRE is the main test for admission to the U.S. Master’s program.

Content of the GRE test Graduate Record Exam, GRE is the equivalent of the SAT and ACT tests, which take place for admission to the American Master’s degree. Its results are one of the most important criteria for selecting students and an important basis for admission to university. Besides the general GRE test, there are […]

Textual Evidence: Writing Engaging Essays

Features of this type of contentOrder an essay The word “essay” is borrowed from the French language and translated as “try, try, essay”. This is the name of a small prose work on any subject to which free content is inherent. It is used in journalism, literature and copywriting. Many people associate this text with […]

How to prep for gre test

So, you decided to go to a university in the United States and opened a list of required documents. You wrote your curriculum vitae and motivation letter, received recommendations from your supervisors. Now you have to pass the exams. Any university will require a language certificate and GRE certificate. If with language exams we are […]

Three ways to get to know yourself better. Prep for gre self awareness

When we understand ourselves, it’s easier for us to succeed. We understand where our true desires are and where they are imposed by others. It’s not easy to recognize yourself. Psychotherapist Sharon Martin offers three easy ways to understand our desires. One of the main obstacles to knowing yourself is permanent employment. We run, we […]

How to understand another person, is gre hard?

A man can’t live without society.Our whole life runs in constant communication. Our well-being and life itself depend on how this communication goes, how we can understand other people. In communication we are involved in words, we are confused in them, we believe them and do not see what is behind these words. Strange as […]


Dear Friend, if you came to, it means you are ready to plunge into the wonderful world of conscious life full of harmony and depth. It’s time, that’s why you’re here. For beginners immersion in meditative practices we have prepared the Big Guide “Meditation for Beginners”. It is convenient to come back to it […]