Can kids do yoga?

Children’s yoga has a number of therapeutic effects and helps the growing body to develop harmoniously. There is a strengthening of blood vessels, the skeleton develops correctly, joints and ligaments become not only elastic, but also strong. Yoga also has a positive effect on the nervous system of the child, stabilizes his emotional state, […]

Shyness of a preschooler and ways to overcome it

Shyness can cause further difficulties in the child’s interaction with society and If a preschooler is excessively shy, then his condition requires correction. In the period of 3-5 years, for the first time, shyness can be noticed in a child. It is at this age that active knowledge of the world around and communication […]

Who is Osho?

First of all, I want to introduce you to Osho himself and, if you are still not familiar with him. Throughout his spiritual career, he used different names. He was best known throughout the world as Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh. But in the last year of his life, he began to call himself Osho, which […]

Is it possible to love all children equally?

This is a difficult question, since it is commonly believed that children should be given an equal amount of parental love and Moreover, many say out loud that they love their children equally, but in fact there is an imbalance. And it is obvious to all family members. Why do some children love more […]

Relaxing breathing meditation

Take a comfortable position; the back is straight, the shoulders are straightened, the arms lie freely on the knees or lowered along the body. Visit Close your eyes; Concentrate on even, deep breathing, exercising each inhalation and exhalation to a count of ten. You may feel slightly dizzy at the beginning of the session; […]

How to beat baby snoring

So, if your child sniffles and snores in his sleep, you will have to visit a pediatrician and read But first: ✓ Watch your baby during sleep and try to count the number of nights when you hear him snore. If he snores for 3 nights or more during the week, this is an […]

How to raise a successful and moral child

Children are the future of all mankind. The more spiritual, prudent families in the world that bring up children correctly, the better for all peoples. After all, only in such a family can a child become a successful and moral person. How to raise a child to be a successful and moral person? Ability to […]

Vipassana technique at home

There is nothing complicated in this meditation, in fact the essence of Vipassana is very simple. Practicing Vipassana means observing and being aware of what is happening in the present moment. When practicing the Vipassana technique, you simply sit comfortably and breathe normally for a few minutes, without any extra effort. Then you focus […]

What are the benefits of training in a hammock?

A hammock is a mandatory attribute of aerial yoga Although not all aerial yoga exercises are performed in a hammock, some hammocks only serve as a partial support to help increase the stretch or straighten the posture. What gives a suspended position? When a trainee tries to perform an asana in a hammock, he […]

6 benefits of being bilingual

Mental capacity Due to bilingualism and, bilinguals are very attentive and concentrated. This is explained by the fact that when switching from one language to another, the areas of the brain responsible for attention and memory are included in the work. Such children are less likely to make mistakes, get lost in difficult situations […]