How to find the golden mean between yoga and business

My work is related to management and I practice yoga including I made my first money when I was 10 years old, and I opened my first psychology book when I was 13. So in this life I was introduced to business before I was exposed to internal practices. At the age of 28, […]

It’s hard to be a first-grader: Why is it hard for a child in school?

The problem of adapting to school and 3rd grade science activities is connected not so much with the difficulties of mastering the educational material, but with the physiological features of a first-grader. It is difficult for him to sit still, to answer only when asked, and for a long time to refuse to play. How […]

How do kundalini yoga classes work?

Classes are characterized by high intensity. Even after a few minutes you may feel that your muscles are tense and it is not easy to do some exercises. However, even though the physical exertion is quite obvious, the Kundalini yoga is done “deliberately, deliberately” – slowly and thoughtfully. Unique combination of movement and meditation […]

How to help your child cope with stress from the start of the school year

The beginning of the new school year is an important stage in the lives of many children and their families. And like any important event, for example, it can evoke a variety of emotions, for example: – joy – pleasant excitement from waiting – happiness – some excitement This is all perfectly normal. But […]


It’s no secret that with each yoga asana including, we initially build a certain relationship. And often they do not fold very smoothly with Downward Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana). But, as soon as you manage to find an approach to her, be sure: she will become your faithful companion for many years. To […]


Many women do not immediately begin to realize how much their body is changing and, accordingly, yoga practice for example during pregnancy. But in addition to physical changes (such as constant urge to urinate and lack of balance) under the influence of hormones, there is a change in the emotional state of a woman. […]

Yoga as a state of consciousness. Ways to Achieve Yoga

For a long time, I had a desire to “go do yoga and” because yoga has always represented something new, unusual… the smell sticks, that attractive style of Indian culture, I don’t hide it, it all beckoned. But looking into the room, during classes at the fitness club, I always thought: “They are just […]

Your teenager has stopped learning: 3 reasons and an action plan

How to find motivation to study and solve problems with school At the end of the school year your child “drove off” in all subjects including go math 4th grade and seems to have given up on his studies. You have breathed out with the onset of school vacations, and decided to give it and […]

How to instill in your child an interest in math

For many children, math seems like a terribly boring and complicated subject. Numbers, examples, and problems are difficult for such students, and they are often labeled “humanities”. But it is not always a matter of lack of ability to calculate. One of the main reasons why a child does not like to solve equations, and […]