Choleric First Grader

The strong quality of the choleric is his vigor, the brightness of his personality, and his creative abilities, know words that start with i.

The weak side is irascibility, sometimes up to aggression. Impatience, restlessness and impulsiveness also complicate the life of a choleric child. It is not easy for the peer group and the teacher to build a relationship with him. It is difficult for spontaneous and impulsive children to cope with the demands of school life: it is difficult for them to sit still at a desk, they forget to raise their hand if they know the correct answer, they are often distracted by the slightest noise (after all, what is happening in the classroom is much more interesting than what is at the blackboard). Impulsivity results in an unstable adaptation of a choleric child to school: his desire to learn is unstable and depends on his well-being and mood.

Tips for parents

Direct the seething energy of the young choleric in a socially useful direction: give him “adult” assignments and multiplication games for 3rd grade.
The rules that you present to a choleric child must be uniform, firm, indisputable and strictly supported by all participants in the educational process – parents, other family members, etc. So it will be easier for the baby to restrain and control his behavior.
Cultivate restraint in a choleric child. Teach him to feel the moment when the impulse appears and help to delay it at the very beginning. Remind him to think before doing (especially in study papers). It is extremely important to develop the speech of the child. Often aggressive behavior occurs when a child in a fit cannot explain his thoughts and immediately proceeds to action.