GRE is the main test for admission to the U.S. Master’s program.

Content of the GRE test

Graduate Record Exam, GRE is the equivalent of the SAT and ACT tests, which take place for admission to the American Master’s degree. Its results are one of the most important criteria for selecting students and an important basis for admission to university. Besides the general GRE test, there are also GRE tests for subjects.

The GRE test is passed on the computer. The overall GRE test consists of three sections:

  • Analytical Writing – 2 tasks, 60 minutes to complete both.
  • Reasoning and argumentation, Verbal Reasoning – 2 parts, 60 minutes to complete both tasks.
  • Quantitative Analysis – 2 parts, 70 minutes for both tasks.

Analytical writing is the writing of two texts: a free-form discussion and an essay, which show the ability to express complex thoughts accurately and competently in English. Here you need to demonstrate the following skills: to distinguish between cause and effect, to build a complex but coherent and clear argument, to support the idea expressed by an argument or example, to demonstrate a confident knowledge of grammar and punctuation.

For most international students, this section is moderately complex.

Reasoning and argumentation is a multiple-choice choice that shows the level of language skills, vocabulary, and understanding of what has been read. The student should demonstrate the ability to: understand shades of meanings of words, direct and figurative meanings, distinguish meaning from insignificant one that does not correspond to the topic. It is also necessary to understand author’s speech and its possible deviations from the norm, to identify and analyze the text structure. Go to the site and find out more

For most international students, this section is the most complex.

Quantitative analysis is a choice of several answer choices showing understanding of numerical information expressed in tables and graphs, statistical and probabilistic analysis of data, use of basic mathematical knowledge and skills in arithmetic, algebra, geometry.

This section is the easiest for most international students.

GRE results and university requirements

Analytical letter: 0 – 6 points, step – 0.5 points.

Reasoning and argumentation: 130 – 170 points, step – 1 point.

Quantitative Reasoning: 130 – 170 points, step – 1 point.

GRE results are valid for 5 years.

In case of an unsatisfying student, the test can be repeated – no more than 5 times per year with an interval of at least 21 days.

The requirements of universities to the results vary greatly, they should be clarified on the website of the selected university, but most often preference is given to those students who show the highest scores in GRE. Read more about how to apply for a US Master’s degree.

Where to take the GRE test

The test can be taken at an authorized center in your country, selecting a convenient location at the time of registration. The computer test takes place throughout the year. Register at, by email or by phone.

On the day of the test, you must bring your passport with you. You are not allowed to use electronic devices during the test.

GRE test cost

The GRE test is paid for. To pass the general GRE test costs $205, GRE for each subject – $150. For an additional fee you can prepare for the test with a teacher, as well as on the website of the organization managing the test, you can find free materials for self-study.


  • If you cancel the planned paid test, $50 will be deducted.
  • The student will pay $50 when changing the test center.

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