How to get a pay rise

How to get a pay rise

Of course, there is a radical way to increase wages – to change jobs. But if you are satisfied with the position, the team, and everything is fine except for the proper remuneration for their work, then why take such decisive steps? Perhaps you should try to get a pay increase at your place of work.
First of all, ask yourself why you need a salary increase. Of course, money is always good, but it depends on a clear understanding of why you need it, and on how persistently and confidently you will go towards your cherished goal – to increase your income. There are several ways to get the desired result, but, as you know, not all means are equally good. However, I advise you to go the beaten path – to work effectively and to defend your position before the leadership. Prove to your bosses that you really are a valuable employee. But I will keep silent about the lyrical moments of office romances for the sake of career building. I’m sure that’s the wrong way to promote yourself.

How much of your work is in demand? Do you keep your heads up all day or do you keep running in the smoke? Answer yourself these questions honestly. If you really give the company not only your time, but also your strength, your professional knowledge, it is definitely time to talk about it with your manager.

Really, don’t go ahead with it. Ask your colleagues who and how discussed the possibility of salary increase before you, what was the reaction of your boss. Then, you can go to Human Resources and ask how the company is doing, if there is going to be a change or income indexation. In general, you should have a complete picture of what you want and what the company can give you.

For a “decisive battle” – a conversation with your manager, you should prepare the ground. Promote the market to find out the average salaries of specialists in your profile. And at the same time, look at the list of their duties. The better you are informed in this respect, the easier it will be for you to justify and therefore convince the management that you deserve more.

How to get a pay rise

Now the most important thing remains. Set up a meeting with your manager and talk to them. It should be a one-to-one meeting. There should be nothing to distract you during the conversation. Ask for 15 minutes for a private conversation. A smile is an indisputable tool to be comfortable with. Work out at home, say the main phrases, so that when you talk to look calm and clearly express your wishes. My advice to you, try to look straight in the eye, let the leader to speak out, do not interrupt, answer at the right time, and success will be on your side. Argumentally tell him about your achievements, about your interest in working in this company and under the direct supervision of your manager. And also briefly mention your personal circumstances. A little flattery wouldn’t hurt, but only in therapeutic doses. Being nice to the management is halfway to success. Being helpful is the other half. At the end of the conversation, make sure you know when your boss can respond. It’s important. Then you’ll be able to turn again.

Do not be upset if the first time you do not get the cherished salary increase. You can’t buy experience for money! After such a conversation, the bosses will at least know that you want more. Then, when planning a new budget or talking about a pay raise, you will be remembered for sure. Remember, perseverance and initiative do their job. Good luck!

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