How to learn to convince: psychological techniques

How to learn to convince: psychological techniques

Ilya Kusakin, the author of the manual “Main skill of a sales manager”, believes that there are no situations where the art of negotiation cannot be applied, because we always deal with people. “Your success, family well-being and happiness depend on the ability to sell ideas or convince people”.

To become a specialist in this business will help powerful and efficient techniques.

We all know that to be successful in any negotiation you need to be a confident person, communicative, persistent and purposeful. But why among those who have all these qualities, someone can regularly fail, while others really achieve the goal? What kind of secrets or skills do they have?

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Convince emotionally
Any conversation is first and foremost about emotion. Yours and the side you want to be passionate about your idea. And it’s important to consider the emotions of both sides. In a conversation, observe what the interlocutor feels: he is disappointed, scared, doubtful, interested, but not enough to agree? When you work with your interlocutor’s emotions, you find a real path to their heart, not pushing your idea through despite the obstacles.

Convincing and arguing for the sake of argument are different things. What are the consequences of scandals and how do you fix it? We’re watching the video!

“A person who is able to have an emotional impact on the interlocutors in negotiations really has a much better chance of making a deal than the most knowledgeable salesman”.

Exceed expectations.
One of the tricks to effectively convince. You can convince your mother-in-law to move from her private home to the city centre, but will she be satisfied with the result unless you offer her something to make up for the loss of the cherry orchard she spent her childhood in? I don’t think so. But if you send her a team of assistants to pack and transport her things, in return for her memories of the past, you will give her a real family support.

“In one car repair shop, every woman who rented out a car was given back a repaired car with a fresh rose on the front seat.”

Bring down the objection.
The author is convinced that any objection should be seen as an objective reason and not as a way to turn away from you. If a person refuses, it is important to let them know that you are taking this into account. “It is important to consider the objection, but it is not necessary to agree unconditionally (and certainly not to argue)”.

Exercise from the author: “Sit opposite each other. Make lists of typical objections and logical arguments that can change your mind. Let your partner read out the objections, and you, first peeking at the list of arguments, and then from memory, answer. Train until you can easily find the right and appropriate logical arguments on the move.

Not to leave the person you’re talking to alone
If you’re on a case, you shouldn’t leave it halfway through. A conversation in which you want to convince someone of something must be completed, leaving no chance for your opponent to doubt. Spend enough time in the conversation so that your opponent does not have any doubts that it is important to you and do not interrupt the phone calls and exits as needed. Focus only on the topic you are talking about.

“Trust is very important. Not everyone can earn it, but it’s easier to lose it.”

Act as if you’ve already received consent…
The effect when faith becomes a fait accompaniment. In this way, you give a bonus to a person, make him or her believe in what is obvious to you (he or she has money, he or she deserves the best, he or she is a kind and positive person, and will meet you).

How to learn to convince: psychological techniques

“I have used this technique since the first day I met my future wife. Even when she was not even my girlfriend (I was 19 years old at the time), I acted with her as if we were already dating, and in no other way. I did it no matter how she treated me, even when things weren’t going too well (and this period lasted about two years). And now that my wife is mad at me, I still act as if she admires me. And it works!”

Besides these important rules, there are some more useful things to learn:

  • to admit to being wrong;
  • to pay attention to all the details mentioned by your interlocutor, even if they seem trivial to you;
  • always trying to find a way out;
  • to speak out clearly;
  • use humour.

“Your self-confidence will increase, and it will affect your income level. These are not just words, but my personal promise to each of those who will study the book from cover to cover and apply the information obtained. Tips and exercises for business and life in the book by Ilya Kusakin “The main skill of a sales manager. (“Alpina Publisher”)