How to teach a 5-6-7 year old child to read syllables at home correctly and quickly, first grade sight words

Parents who have young children often wonder at what age it is possible to teach their child to read by syllables, and what is the best way to do this?

How to teach a 5-6-7 year old child to read syllables at home correctly and quickly, first grade sight words

The pros and cons of home schooling
Among the positive aspects of home reading instruction, one can highlight:

Floating schedule. Mom and the child do not need to rush, adjust to the teacher or course schedule.
It is possible to use different methods. Usually the teacher, training centres specialise in a narrow area. For example, they only deal with children with Zaitsev’s cubes, or with Zhukova’s method. At home by trial and error you can choose the most effective method exactly for your romp. But it takes time.
Individual approach. At home, they do not do groups, but one-to-one. You can devote as much time to the topic as you need a single student, without waiting for the retarded and not rushing to run forward.
Contact with parents is preserved. The preschooler is emotionally comfortable in difficult moments near the parents, and learning to read is a responsible event.

Negative moments aren’t many, but they are. Among the disadvantages of home reading comprehension can be distinguished:

Lack of parental education.
Unfortunately, moms and dads with no special education make a lot of mistakes when teaching reading. For example, they call letters with a sound, make pauses between phonemes in the process of folding syllables, words. Children get used to incorrect reading, and it is very difficult to teach them.
The child does not socialize.
In pedagogical centers, the child communicates with other adults, gets used to the school environment, responsibility, and learns behavior. At home, he will not get such an experience.
Where and how to teach your child to read, choose your parents. If you have a difficult financial situation, then only the home option remains. In this case, spend time studying books, methods of work with preschoolers. This will help to qualitatively teach the kindergarten child to read, to instill a love of literature.

Preparatory phase, first grade sight words

Undoubtedly, it is difficult to try to explain something to a year old kid and teach him to pronounce words or parts of them, although it is possible. According to recent research, experts believe that some toddlers may start learning simple words and combine syllables as early as 2 or 3 years old.

How to teach a 5-6-7 year old child to read syllables at home correctly and quickly, first grade sight words

However, at this early age, do not overburden children with unnecessary information, but give more preparatory phase: help toddlers develop phonemic hearing, learn letters.

Reading and memorizing funny songs, short rhymes and songs helps to develop phonemic hearing.

Letter learning is best done in a playful way.

Creative ways to memorize letters:

Browse, paint, shade letters with pencils.
Mould letters of plasticine and kinetic sand.
Lay out letters from sticks, mosaics, dice.

When is a child ready to learn syllables?
In order to teach your child to read syllables easily, you should teach your child at the right time, which can be determined by the following basic attributes:

the baby already speaks words well enough;
speaks individual sounds more or less clearly without swallowing them;
pronounces the letter “p” or tries to do so;
has no significant distortion in its pronunciation.
Why is it important that early reading instruction takes place at the right time? We learn to read letters and syllables by having speech skills. The fact is that if you teach a child 2, 3 or 4 years old to read, fold letters without teaching him or her to speak correctly, the same mistakes can be displayed in the reading tasks and in the future writing. In the future, your child will confuse sounds and letters, and to retrain is much more difficult than initially taught correctly. Therefore, you should immediately tune in: we teach syllables correctly.

Another important factor in the successful teaching of preschool children to read is the ability of children’s students to analyze the text, to understand that in front of them are not just pictures, but letters, which in turn indicate specific sounds. And then comes the realization that letters can be combined together to form syllables for teaching reading. Such understanding usually comes not earlier than 4-5 years, and sometimes at 6 years – this age is considered ideal for learning. How do I teach a child to read at age 5-6?

It should be noted at once that teaching reading to preschool children is a rather painstaking and responsible process. Sight words for kindergarten. The fact that they are already ready to learn to read at age 5 does not mean that it will turn out quickly and efficiently. It is not necessary to overload children immediately with the information read and learn to read by word syllables from morning till evening.

How to teach a 5-6-7 year old child to read syllables at home correctly and quickly, first grade sight words

Teaching a child at 5 years of age, it is recommended to hold daily classes no more than 15 minutes at a time, as the baby begins to get tired and may lose any interest in reading exercises.

You should keep the following pace: read, repeat several times, rest.

What is the best and most effective method of teaching reading? There are a lot of opinions and arguments in favor of certain methodological developments and approaches. Most experts tend to think that the first way to start reading by syllables is to use letters to teach reading or cubes where letters and syllables are accompanied by colorful images.

Learning by the Doman method
Glen Doman has long researched children’s intellectual abilities and concluded that basic information fits in the brain up to 6 years old, and it takes a minimum of time to learn.

He suggested that children should be taught to read without additional motivation by simply showing them cards with words and pictures. According to psychologists, didactics is based on photographic memory.

The cards should be displayed daily, holding in visual contact for a couple of seconds. The amount of material to be shown increases gradually. For example, during the first grade sight words 3 days show 2-3 cards, at least 2-4 times a day. For 4-7 days, 5 cards each. And so on.

Do not expect a lightning-fast result, but in a month or a half the child will know and read more than 30 words. You can start training with a diaper.

Reading by syllables
It’s owned by all the parents. It’s the system that taught children to read in Soviet school. First, the child learns the alphabet, then puts them into syllables, simple words. It’s the best option for the home teaching process. It is understood by non-professional teachers and children. It is easy to learn, brings good results in a short period of time.