How yoga helps with childbirth

A separate area of ​​Eastern practices, which is given special attention today, is yoga for women. Such classes are focused on preparing women for what their direct purpose is. Thanks to regular practices, it will be possible to strengthen female attractiveness, strengthen your body, get rid of tightness, become more liberated in communicating with men, learn to understand your body and sensations.

There are also special women’s practices that help prepare for pregnancy and comfortably endure childbirth.

For example, yoga classes for women preparing for childbirth provide an opportunity to:

Master certain postures (asanas), which will improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, strengthen the muscles of the perineum. This is a very important experience that allows you to adapt the body to childbirth, speed up and facilitate their course, as well as recover faster and without consequences after them.
Cope with nervous tension, calm down and relax on your own. Breathing exercises, special postures and meditation are good for relieving fatigue, helping to keep thoughts clear, calm the soul and make the body strong. Having achieved harmony between these components, it will be possible to go through childbirth and remember them as the most pleasant event in life.
Energy of childbirth
What happens to a woman when s

he realizes she is in labor? Of course, for the first few minutes, she is in a state of shock that borders on panic. At this stage, it is of great importance how quickly you manage to take control of the situation.

Yoga for pregnant women prepares for such conditions. Having managed to get rid of negative thoughts, having caught the positive, you will begin to perceive childbirth not from the position of pain and discomfort that they bring to the body, but from the position that your baby is about to be born. You have been waiting for this meeting for 9 months, you dreamed about this baby, and soon you will be able to see his cute face! Thanks to visualization, it will be easier to cope with emotions, the process of preparing for the birth of a child will be conscious and controlled by you.

At first, the contractions will be short, with time intervals of 20-30 minutes. But then they pick up. Therefore, each period of “calm” should be used to restore strength. By attending yoga classes, you will learn this, you will be able to gather at the most crucial moment, let go of all worries and come to complete relaxation.

Physiology of childbirth
From a physiological point of view, yoga also brings many benefits to expectant mothers.

Firstly, a yoga teacher will certainly draw women’s attention to breathing. Knowing how to control it in a stressful situation, it will be possible to exclude fetal hypoxia. This is especially true when the birth is first or protracted.

Secondly, the uniform opening of the uterus matters. To do this, you can perform special asanas that will speed up the opening of the uterus and thereby reduce the time of childbirth. A trainer, for example, might recommend Crow Pose. It can be performed in between contractions. It helps to restore strength, at the same time contributes to a better opening of the uterus.

Thirdly, classes provide an opportunity to master techniques that help speed up the pushing out of the baby. Here it is important to be able to control the muscles of the pelvis, turn them on in time when the next contraction occurs, and “turn off”, relax when the contraction ends. So it will be possible to avoid possible internal ruptures and injury to the tissues of the perineum, which occurs just because of the lack of elasticity of the pelvic muscles.