Is it possible to love all children equally?

This is a difficult question, since it is commonly believed that children should be given an equal amount of parental love and Moreover, many say out loud that they love their children equally, but in fact there is an imbalance. And it is obvious to all family members.

Why do some children love more and others less?

in youth, a mother may not be so experienced and organized, so older children are not easy. And the younger ones have more time and energy, so they get more attention, love and care;
in some nations, the birth of a son is considered a great joy, since in the future it involves protecting and helping the family. Therefore, boys can be loved more than girls;
single mothers pay more attention to their sons and, as they feel guilty for not being able to give them a much-needed male upbringing;
it is believed that they love more than someone who is similar in appearance or in character, habits. For example, a daughter looks like a dad, so she is his favorite;
small children cannot take care of themselves, so a lot of time is wasted on them.

Accordingly, they receive more words of love, maternal affection, paternal warmth. Older children, on the other hand, do not need their parents so much, therefore they are content with crumbs of their attention.

In order not to increase competition between children, it is necessary to distribute parental time and so that there is enough for everyone. The principle of sufficiency applies here. For example, a baby needs a mother much more than a teenager. Which means she spends more time with him.