Relaxing breathing meditation

Take a comfortable position; the back is straight, the shoulders are straightened, the arms lie freely on the knees or lowered along the body. Visit

Close your eyes; Concentrate on even, deep breathing, exercising each inhalation and exhalation to a count of ten. You may feel slightly dizzy at the beginning of the session; in this case, it is not necessary to stop relaxation. Just try to relax as much as possible and not concentrate on your physical condition.

Do not be distracted by the thoughts that arise in your mind; go deeper into the breathing process. Perhaps at first it will be quite difficult to neutralize the activity of thinking, but soon you will notice that you exist “separately” from your thoughts, as if disinterestedly watching them from the side.

Continue to do breathing exercises for ten to fifteen minutes. At the end of classes, do not rush to “get involved” in the usual rhythm of life; may the state of absolute calmness you have acquired last for some time.