Textual evidence definition

Textual evidence definition

To enter higher Textual evidence definition education institutions students take Selectividad admission examinations and present a secondary education diploma (Bachillerato). The Russian certificate of secondary education is usually recognized as equivalent to a Spanish one if it has good marks, but foreign applicants have to take entrance exams on general grounds. If a student has a diploma in DELE (Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera/Spanish as a Foreign Language), he/she can be exempted from the language exam during admission.

Tuition prices are quite affordable. For example, the cost of the first year of medical studies at the University of Barcelona is about 1300 euros, and in Cadiz, Seville, Cordoba or Malaga, located in the south of the country, only 655 euros.

Most Russians are used to seeing the island of Cyprus as a good place to rest, and yet it is not just a resort, but also a suitable place to get a good education. In Cyprus, it is possible to get a higher education, there are several departments of British universities, in addition to the Greek ones. But we will focus on the advantages of pre-university, school education, as Cyprus is one of the most suitable places to get it. A long stay under the British protectorate has allowed Cypriots to develop an educational system similar to the British one.

There are many English schools in Cyprus – Foley’s school, Grammar school, etc. There are also preparatory training programs, which accept children from the age of one and a half years, so almost from birth children are immersed in an English environment. The cost of education at such schools is considerably lower than European analogues and starts from a little over 1000 euros a year, depending on the age of the child. In addition to English, there are 3 Russian schools in Cyprus – 2 in Limassol and 1 in Paphos. Also, children are also accepted in public Greek schools. In any case, staying in Cyprus allows children to quickly learn two languages at once – English and Greek. All British and American schools in Cyprus allow you to continue studying in any English-speaking country.

Textual evidence definition

The advantages of living and education of children in Cyprus are obvious: a mild climate, friendly locals, one of the lowest crime rates in the world, a relative ease in obtaining visas, reasonable remoteness (a flight from Moscow takes about 3 hours), and much more. The acquisition of Cypriot real estate also gives obvious and very tangible benefits. In particular, the owner of a Cyprus property gets a residence permit, which greatly simplifies the procedure for entering / leaving the country, and in the future, after Cyprus joins the Schengen area, it will also allow to easily travel throughout the European Union.

According to the experience of “MIEL DPM”, the most popular place, both for studies and for the purchase of real estate is Limassol. Real estate in Cyprus in general does not belong to the category of budget, but it is worth the money. For example, a small one bedroom apartment in Limassol or its nearest suburbs will cost today about 200-250 thousand euros. More expensive luxury housing is located in the center and the south-eastern tip of Limassol. Here, an apartment in the elite complex with 2-3 bedrooms will cost 500 – 750 thousand euros, the starting price of a villa with a pool and round the clock security – 800-900 thousand euros.

No less popular with the Russians in Paphos. It is also located here a lot of educational institutions. Many British and Scandinavians have property in this city, which is also very linking verbs list useful in terms of practicing spoken English on a daily basis. “Real estate in Paphos is somewhat less prestigious than in Limassol, but no less attractive, – says N. Zavalishina. – A small apartment in the city costs 190-230 thousand euros, depending on the area. Pretty villa with sea views, private pool and within walking distance of the beach can offer at a price of 470 thousand euros.