Three ways to get to know yourself better. Prep for gre self awareness

When we understand ourselves, it’s easier for us to succeed. We understand where our true desires are and where they are imposed by others. It’s not easy to recognize yourself. Psychotherapist Sharon Martin offers three easy ways to understand our desires.

Three ways to get to know yourself better. Prep for gre self awareness

One of the main obstacles to knowing yourself is permanent employment. We run, we are distracted by something, we try to do several things at once. It’s hard to tune in to self-knowledge. And you need to tune in a quiet environment, listening to thoughts and emotions, the body that speaks the language of physical sensations.

We muffle our sensibilities. Most people lose touch with themselves. By distracting yourself from your smartphone correspondence at lunchtime, you stop feeling the taste of food. As a result, you miss signals that tell us how you feel and help us figure out why.


When we know ourselves well, it’s easier for us to succeed. It makes sense – if we set goals that match our skills, interests, and values, it is much more likely that we will achieve them.

When we understand ourselves, we become kinder to ourselves – if you understand why you did one way or another, you see that you did everything you could do in a given situation, and it is easier for you to forgive yourself for your mistakes.

By understanding ourselves, we become kinder to ourselves…

When you know how you feel, it’s easier to meet your emotional needs. You better understand what you need from others.

To truly live, you need to accept yourself for who you are. Understand what is important to you, and gain the courage to be yourself, not what others want you to be. Here are some tips.

What feelings do you have in your mind? Without making judgments or judgements, pay attention to the emotions they evoke. Prep for gre to action. This process will help you understand a lot – what affects your mood, what feelings you have about yourself and others.

If your own thoughts make you angry or feel helpless, your therapist can help you understand what is hidden in the depths of your psyche.

We often ask questions like, “What are you doing? What do you want?” Instead, ask, “What is important to you? What are you worried about?” It will help to better understand your interests and the meaning of your life.

If we’re not interested in what we’re doing, life becomes a burdensome duty, it loses meaning. On the contrary, if we do what’s important, we feel a rush of energy and make sense. Make a list of what is important to you and think about how these values are present in everyday life.

Three ways to get to know yourself better. Prep for gre self awareness

We can learn a lot by paying attention to what we don’t like about others. Karl Jung suggested using the term Shadow – those parts of our personality that we don’t want to know about. He pointed out that we often notice in others what we don’t want to see in ourselves. If we start to understand why some people annoy us so much, we can make contact with these hidden parts of our personality – namely, they help us grow and develop.

As an illustration, psychologist Lisa Marchiano gives an example from life: “My former colleague was a very attractive woman and she understood it very well. She loved flirting and being in the spotlight. I was annoyed by it. When I noticed it, I wondered why those qualities made me so emotional.

In our family, it was thought it was better not to draw attention to myself, it was felt ashamed to be proud of someone else’s attention. Free gre online practice tests for self-awareness. When I realized that those qualities that annoyed me in a colleague, I forbade myself to show, I was able to allow myself to restore contact with their “shadow” desires – sometimes to be in the spotlight.