Vipassana technique at home

There is nothing complicated in this meditation, in fact the essence of Vipassana is very simple. Practicing Vipassana means observing and being aware of what is happening in the present moment.

When practicing the Vipassana technique, you simply sit comfortably and breathe normally for a few minutes, without any extra effort. Then you focus on the back and forth movement of your belly as you breathe. This is all that is in your attention. Nothing else is happening in the present moment. Thoughts should be completely focused on the rise and fall of the abdomen, as if you were silently repeating the mantra “inhale – exhale.”

When the mind wanders, and it will certainly happen, you silently name the object on which the mind wandered with a simple word. For example, if you’re distracted by a sound, you mentally say “sound.” If the thoughts are in the past or in the future, note: “remembering” or “planning.” The idea is not to punish yourself for this distraction, but to simply become aware of it and return to watching your belly rise and fall.

You can practice Vipassana on your own, for example, for an hour a day. But it is desirable to bring such awareness into all your actions during the day, as is done in a ten-day training retreat. Be aware of and label each action. “I open the door”, “My dishes” – attention is always present.

The essence of technique is to be fully present in everything you do. We often get distracted and so disconnected from the present moment that we don’t see things as they really are.

For example, we usually see washing dishes as an annoying household task. Thus, we put a negative label on dirty dishes and get annoyed at the same time. Instead, Vipassana meditation encourages us to think that this task is not good or bad, it’s just “washing the dishes.”

No things and events, in fact, are not bad or good. Only our thoughts about them make them good or bad for us. By being aware of these thoughts, you can change your mood and attitude towards happiness and contentment.