What does impolitic mean

What does impolitic mean

Looking at the schemes of humanitarian workers and technicians it can be concluded that because of the “binding of information about any surrounding objects to everything and everything” the technicians have a very fine calibration of the value of things in relation to others and each other. Such people spend money with great regret, buying to everything only the most necessary and “fit with the rest”. Similarly, when we talk about the humanities, we can draw a diametric conclusion that they want everything at once at the same time, the correct assessment of the value of things is poorly developed – only by comparing similar things with each other.

What does impolitic mean a technician almost always intuitively calculates the cost of producing a thing, compares it with others produced by similar technology and materials, but with a different purpose.

For example, comparing a house or attic with the old things of an average American and Japanese, there is an obvious contrast between the “coolest” of the humanitarians and technicians, although the material difference in security and industrial development of is the gre test hard states is approximately at the same level.

For example, the difference in color of clothes can almost certainly be distinguished from the modestly dressed humanitarian equipment.

What does impolitic mean

This or that brain memory device can be called a person. Certainly it is formed on the basis of long process of education and the acquired experience, physiological features and habits of a body, but anyway the final result will be in the form of the schemes resulted above. Thus, obtaining satisfaction from life directly depends on the appropriate frequency of engagement of certain parts of memory, the required brain intensity and completeness.

For example, from the consideration of the schemes of architecture of the memory device of the brain of humanitarians and technicians can be concluded that some will prefer the rhythmic composition common to all musical instruments, while others will prefer the “classic” with the nuances of sound and transitions, individual outbursts and losses.

If the desire of technicians to link any information with other fields of knowledge leads to a search for common algorithms and formulas, then in the end, ideally a certain general unifying fundamental unit “ideal man” or the law of conservation of energy and substance is formed. In professions or even on the love front is formed a type of personality with a certain way of behavior, values, while any additional “nuance” or lack of it in the humanities make different even twin brothers – the divine uniqueness and value.

For example, after losing her husband – a technician, a woman can in a very short period of several months find happiness with another, feel the life as if nothing has changed. Since women are paid to some extent from humanitarian workers “for this”, they are forced to adjust their husband’s manner of behavior and corresponding desires, then by virtue of the brain memory and the next necessary for preparation for sex long performance of certain rituals and courtships – intimacy begins “from scratch” as in girls (in the visual form in the humanities, individuality can be represented even by different associations of the same data at the bottom of the pyramid (figure 2), and in a certain profession the ideal technique – a single top of the pyramid (figure 1).

The author could infinitely continue analyzing the diametric psyche of humanities and technicians, but due to the existence of discrete levels of consciousness: laborers, executors, heads, directors, and artists, whose low level of education with short logical chains of satisfaction of the body’s natural needs and values approaches to “lyricists”, and the intellectual top to “physicists”, it is not possible to continue research, which forces to move to the corresponding other topic.