Yoga mat

Great gift for yoga! It would seem that none of the practitioners now have a mat. But how good is it? What kind of coverage does it have? Size? Weight? Does he have a good grip? After all, is its color and design pleasing to the eye?

A reliable and high-quality yoga mat is the foundation for progress in practice. You can save on leggings or a mat bag, but not on the mat itself! The best investment in your practice is a yoga mat made from natural rubber rather than chemical-grade polypropylene. For example, Art YogaMatic’s premium Yanta Yoga mat, Manduka’s PRO series mat, or Ohmat’s designer Krishna mat are pictured below. Even if you do not take into account the environmental friendliness of such a purchase, the advantages of rubber mats are obvious: the durability of the product itself and the safety of your practice.

When choosing rugs, also pay attention to lightweight options – thin rugs specially designed for travel. They are cheaper than their “home” counterparts, and will be a great gift for those who often travel or go to classes in the studio. After all, even if there are rugs in the gym, practicing on your own is much more ethical and pleasant.

In a rug, the most important role is played by the quality of the material, its size and weight, so I recommend paying attention to design only as a last resort. However, the sheer variety of ornaments and colors that stores now offer ensures that you can find any option that expresses the personality of the gift recipient.