How do kundalini yoga classes work?

Classes are characterized by high intensity. Even after a few minutes you may feel that your muscles are tense and it is not easy to do some exercises.

However, even though the physical exertion is quite obvious, the Kundalini yoga is done “deliberately, deliberately” – slowly and thoughtfully. Unique combination of movement and meditation – concentrating on every movement and breath is created. This is the difference between kundalini yoga and usual fitness.

The class begins with the chanting of mantras, which help you get in the mood for the practice. You can chant the words in Sanskrit – “Sat Nam” (my name is truth) or “Ong Namo. Guru Dev Namo” (I bow before the profound divine wisdom. I bow before the divine teacher who abides in me).
Then there is a warm-up, so that the body can prepare itself for the kriyas – about 10-15 minutes.
Kriyas – complexes of exercises, including pranayamas, mudras, drishti, bandhas, and others: 30-45 minutes.
The next step is dynamic meditation (in motion) or chanting of mantras: 11-31 minutes.
The final step is relaxation (relaxation): 5-15 minutes. Performed lying on the back (shavasana).