What are the benefits of training in a hammock?

A hammock is a mandatory attribute of aerial yoga https://www.julianalucky.com/. Although not all aerial yoga exercises are performed in a hammock, some hammocks only serve as a partial support to help increase the stretch or straighten the posture. What gives a suspended position? When a trainee tries to perform an asana in a hammock, he has to balance by tensing muscles that are poorly used in everyday life. That is, performing asanas in the air, you can work out the body from a different angle – completely different than on the ground. When performing asanas in a suspended position, the vestibular apparatus is effectively trained and the entire complex of stabilizing muscles is strengthened.

By exercising in a hammock, you can significantly reduce the load on the spinal column. Moreover, during aerial yoga classes, it is possible to achieve such a stretching of the spine, which is not always achievable when doing exercises on the ground. It has long been noticed that training in a hammock develops flexibility well, and today a separate direction of anti-gravity fitness has already taken shape – airstretching.

A hammock facilitates the development of complex asanas, which include inverted postures. Inverted (inversion) postures have a powerful therapeutic effect and occupy an important place in the practice of yoga. But they are not easy to learn. In addition, they are distinguished from other asanas by an increased risk of injury. However, this is true for those inverted poses that are performed on the ground. In a hammock with their development, as a rule, there are no special problems.

Another plus of aerial yoga: it has a powerful relaxing effect. When working in a hammock, spasmodic muscles are stretched, the spine is aligned and relaxed, unnecessary stress is removed from the joints. The feeling of flying above the ground and the gentle rocking of the hammock have a calming effect on the nervous system, distract from anxious thoughts, relieve stress, and improve mood.