Yoga as a state of consciousness. Ways to Achieve Yoga

For a long time, I had a desire to “go do yoga and” because yoga has always represented something new, unusual… the smell sticks, that attractive style of Indian culture, I don’t hide it, it all beckoned. But looking into the room, during classes at the fitness club, I always thought: “They are just lying there and singing” and the desire to “do yoga” immediately fell away – “to waste my life lying around – I’m not ready”, I thought. Six years later, by the way, all these years I had a desire to get into a yoga class, but as it turned out, I wasn’t ready, so six years later, quite unexpectedly and determinedly I was swept into the gym, but my goal wasn’t spiritual, the goal was to lose weight.

“Lose weight” came, and it came through yoga, but it didn’t come in that moment. I felt a sense of mystery and struggle within me immediately, something was happening to me, through my body, through my breathing.

For the first time I felt that there was something in me separate from the physical shell, I learned to look at my body from outside, as if from above. And the common phrase: “here and now” just shocked me – I’ve been running my whole life headlong “somewhere” – WHERE? – I never found out what I was looking for… although I guess I was looking for that state and found it, so close… in myself.

Yoga gives many tools for being happy. I didn’t even have the thought of skipping a group class, I felt the energy in the gym, I felt the energy in myself, I started living so greedily and it’s hard to believe that I didn’t want to “waste my life” on it. I only recently remembered about wanting to lose weight with yoga, but whatever my original goal was – I am very happy that it brought me here, to this life – a harmonious life, with self acceptance and this beautiful silence.

Recognition of myself with all my peculiarities was my second stage, and it happened much later than perhaps it could have. Probably because my physical body, in spite of my unsportsmanlike past, responded easily to the asanas, but still this first step of humility and acceptance of self happened through working and feeling myself in forms.

How long and hard I didn’t want to put up with failing asanas, until the understanding and key to the practice came.

Portrait of relaxed woman meditating outdoors

Yoga is like giving out keys when you’re ready for it, the keys open door after door, but if you get greedy and curiosity begins to consume your consciousness – the long-awaited key is lost on the way, in such cases yoga has already given me a lesson – do not regret it, and gradually the mind becomes patient, it already calmly reacts to both failures and successes, it all becomes the smooth smoothness of being.

After accepting oneself there is a disposal of unnecessary things: people with a different vibration go somewhere, daily affairs change, thoughts arise on some other frequencies – there is an awareness of the light of one’s soul. I began to feel the effects of pranayama – the purified vessel began to fill with new energy, which gives such a powerful life charge that at first I felt like a crazy light bulb, ready to light up the universe. Self-control and awareness help to control the energy released – they are closely connected. Pranayama gives us not only energy, but self-control is another tool to use on the way of yoga achievement. It’s important not to strive for a particular state – it’s important not to stop – to practice, practice and practice again … and remember that everyone has his own way.

“Doing yoga” is possible… but it’s for life…